Volunteer Story

Meet longserving PWC volunteer Becky Porter.


Becky is bilingual making her service exceptionally valuable at the pregnancy center. Becky and her husband, Eldon, served as missionaries in Bolivia for 21 years, with SIM. Eldon currently works with Linking Global Voices. In June, the Porters will leave their home in Tega Cay, to live near their daughter in Lilburn, Georgia, an immigrant rich community. There they will look for opportunities to serve and share the gospel.

Patricia responded ‘yes’ when Becky asked for her willingness to join her to start a life center in Cochabama, Bolivia.

The Porters served as missionaries in Bolivia for many years. Patricia was a dear friend from the Porter’s Bolivian church. As their friendship grew, Becky learned that Patricia had had 3 abortions in her life. Patricia was married at 15. She and her husband did not feel they could afford more children and did not understand that these babies in utero were more than just blobs of tissue. After becoming a Christian, Patricia realized her decision to abort was sinful. God gave her a deep desire to use her past for His glory. She wanted to help women realize that with unplanned pregnancies, there were options other than abortion. She wanted to help them make life decisions as well as to help those who have been hurt by abortion.

In Bolivia, Eldon and Becky grew saddened over the years to learn that there was little outreach in pro-life ministry. Despite being a Catholic country, with abortion being unlawful, abortion was still common and available. Becky knew of her friend Patricia’s pain and wanted to address the need for a pregnancy center. Becky gained valuable knowledge when she was on home assignment at the pregnancy center in Hibbing, Minnesota. Then in Bolivia, when Baptists for Life provided training in a town nearby, Becky and Patricia attended the training. Having a friend who wanted to be involved with pro-life work and with Eldon encouraging them, Becky and Patricia opened VIDA pregnancy center in 2003.

Patricia and Becky at VIDA Life Center

“I would love for the Lord to take something so awful and turn it into something for His glory.”
— said Becky Porter’s friend, Patricia

How Becky came to PWC

Less than 2 years after VIDA opened its doors, the Porters felt the Lord leading them to take an assignment at the SIM International Office in Fort Mill. Becky continued to have a heart for pro-life work. Finding an old PWC Sanctity of Human Life flyer at the church where they worshipped, Becky attended PWC training, and then plugged into the Center. Becky has continued to volunteer with PWC since 2006.  During the pandemic when volunteers were furloughed, Becky realized just how much she missed being at PWC. “At PWC, opportunities to share the gospel are served up on a plate,” explains Becky. Stop by the center on any Wednesday and you will find Becky there, faithfully serving.

Becky has seen many changes and has been amazed to see how God has worked at PWC. She especially appreciates how God provided the funds and all that was needed for the mobile unit. This was a direct result of prayer and God’s goodness.

In Bolivia, at the university setting, SIM missionaries estimate that 3 out of 4 female students have an abortion while in school. Being away from their family structure, naive, and often with little reproductive education, young women frequently find themselves pregnant. In Bolivia, abortion is illegal. Abortion clinics might have a sign that reads, “Dentist,” over the door, yet the community knows that this is the location where abortions are performed.

Generational Clients

A couple of years ago, Becky counseled “Maria” who was pregnant and came to the center with her boyfriend, “Rico.” Rico’s mother had been a client at PWC when she was pregnant with him. Trudy Laub was Executive Director at that time. Today, Rico’s mother is very involved in the life of her grandson who is now one year old. As a part of Becky’s counseling, Maria prayed to receive the Lord, at the pregnancy center.

Becky and Eldon have 4 children, and 3 grandchildren with 1 more on the way. Becky was able to attend the birth of her 3 grandchildren, who were born in Costa Rica. She has the gift of hospitality, likes to read, and take walks.


Client Story


She was scared. Daisy was pregnant, alone, had little support, and to make matters worse, the pandemic was beginning. Having recently broken up with her boyfriend, Daisy learned that she was pregnant. She began to research on-line for help and came across the Palmetto Women’s Center. She needed to confirm her pregnancy with a facility that didn’t require her to have medical insurance. PWC fit the bill. At her appointment, Daisy received an ultrasound as well as lots of encouragement from those who cared for her. She left the pregnancy center remembering that these kind people said, “We are here for you.” Yet, her fear left her undecided about what to do.

Upon learning she was pregnant, Daisy’s boyfriend, Jake, was upset and wanted her to abort. Being a couple years younger, Jake didn’t feel he was ready to be a father. His mother concurred and made Daisy believe she had no other option other than abortion. She told some of her closest friends who responded with mixed advice. Several friends did not think that abortion was wrong.

Believing that she had to have an abortion, Daisy went to the abortion clinic on Latrobe Drive, in Charlotte.  When Daisy arrived, “It was just like the movies.” There were people out front holding posters and encouraging her to not abort. One even called her a baby killer. Daisy had been instructed by the clinic to call when she arrived. An escort took her into the clinic where she waited over an hour for an ultrasound, which confirmed that she was 8.5 weeks pregnant. Her research told her she was almost past the time to be eligible for the abortion pill, RU486. Expressing concern, Daisy was told to just take the pills as instructed. And so before she left the abortion clinic,  Daisy took the first part of the two part regimen that chemically destroys the life of the baby.

Daisy was upset. She saw and heard the confusion outside the clinic, and the weight of what she had just done left Daisy with mixed emotions and feeling sick. At home she threw up and called the abortion clinic to find out what to do. Had she thrown up the pill? The abortion clinic told Daisy to take the next pill in the sequence. But she didn’t feel right about their advice. Remembering the kindness shown to her at the Palmetto Women’s Center, she gave them a call and asked for the nurse who had cared for her days before. Daisy told her, “I went to the abortion clinic and now I regret it!”

By this time, the pregnancy center had closed.  The APR (Abortion Pill Reversal) nurse and patience advocate returned, meeting her just 5 ½ hours after she had taken the pill. This was good news because timing is critical in achieving a successful reversal. The nurse performed an ultrasound and learned that the baby still had a heartbeat. Daisy began taking progesterone, to oppose the effect of the abortion pill. And it worked! Weekly ultrasounds showed that the baby continued to develop normally. Daisy continued taking the hormone for a few months. At the appropriate time, Daisy transferred to an obstetrician in Charlotte who confirmed that the baby was doing well and she no longer needed the medication.


Following many ultrasounds at PWC, she came to peace that the baby was healthy. She is glad for her experience and that things happened this way. She feels it has made her a better mother. She knows that God was with her through it all.


As is often the case, the responsibility of a child matures his parents and fortunately, Daisy and Jake got back together. A few months before Dominic was born, Jake had a change of heart and discovered that he wanted to be there for his son. Daisy believes that Jake is learning to be a better person. He cares deeply for Dominic and wants the best for him. Jake’s mother has been to visit the baby and is excited to have a grandson. God’s work of restoration in this small family brought a different ending to a familiar story.

DAISY IS 26 YEARS OLD AND IS ORIGINALLY FROM BRAZIL. Daisy has worked as a restaurant server since she was 16 and currently resides in Charlotte. When she was younger she attended Brazilian churches. Now, she watches Elevation Church on-line.

Jake and Daisy have 2 puppies, Cola and Whiskey.


“Being at the center made me emotional after Dominic was born. I was reminded of how I felt throughout the pregnancy. All the women [at PWC] were there for me. I am very thankful for all of them,” - Daisy.