We are excited to introduce Changelopes (formerly our Baby Bottle Campaign)! Changelope Campaigns are an easy way to help raise funds for PWC! The process is simple, and works well for both small and large groups of people. There are two types of Changelope Campaigns to choose from: Timed Campaigns and Year Round.

Timed Campaigns

Timed Campaigns are run for a set period of time: 30 days, 60 days, etc. Timed Campaigns work well with holidays, for example, kicking of a 30 day campaign on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, or running a campaign from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day.‚Äč

While we encourage the whole church to participate, timed campaigns also work well for small groups and youth groups. Timed Campaigns can also be used as a friendly competition between small groups, to see who can raise the most money.

Year Round Campaigns

Year Round Campaigns are what they sound like; having changelopes available to families and individuals to pick up all year long. This type of campaign works best with occasional reminders, which can be paired with holidays, events, and sermons as appropriate.


Learn how to start a Changelope Campaign at your church by downloading the instruction sheet below!

Download Instructions


Free Resources for Changelope Campaign:

Campaign Launch Day Video (coming soon)

Campaign Launch Day Suggested Speaking Points

Suggested Changelopes Campaign Timeline

In Honor/In Memory of Donation Form

Request a Speaker


Call 803-746-4946 or email info@palmettowomenscenter.com for more information.